Humanizing Healthcare

MVS blends technology and medical documentation into one seamless service that allows physicians to focus on their most important job—patient care.

Medical Assistance

Time Saved

Physicians and hospital staff can save hours a day by trusting MVS to handle their medical documentation needs

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Increased productivity

With more time to devote to patient care & other important responsibilities, MVS helps increase medical staff productivity

Improved patient satisfaction

Our scribes focus 100% on delivering quick and accurate medical documentation, without distractions of other job responsibilities. The result? Better documentation and increased physician interaction that leads to higher patient satisfaction rates.

How It Works

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Our Expertise Makes All the Difference

At MVS, we understand the importance of complete and accurate medical documentation. We also understand that your reputation as a healthcare provider relies on this documentation. That’s why we use extensive screening processes to ensure the scribe we partner with you meets the highest levels of training to complete this critical work.

We also understand that when you outsource your medical documentation, it must fit within your budget. Our medical scribes are available at an $10 / hr flat rate so you can get the services you need at a price point that won’t break your budget.

Our scribes are trained in general medical disciplines and must meet our educational standards and clear a background check performed through the Philippines National Bureau of Investigation (similar to the FBI in the US) before becoming part of our team. We also require our scribes to be HIPAA certified, and all are regulated under the Philippines Rules and Regulations of Data Privacy Act of 2012 & Republic Act 10173—Data Privacy Act of 2012.

The result? Quality, consistent, and affordable documentation services delivered by industry experts that allow clinicians to get back to focusing on patient care.

Organize, Prioritize, & Delegate with us.

Your medical lives can get cluttered with tasks. We declutter the less important ones for you and help you prioritize your more important tasks i.e., patient care.

Why Choose Us?

How Do We Operate?

Virtual Personal Assistance

Getting Familiar with the Work

Connect with a virtual scribe, during an appointment, on your devices via audio or video so that the scribe can listen and see everything that’s going on.

Medical Scribe

Get to Work

Our virtual scribe gets to work immediately without any delay and, in no time, starts noting down the important data in real-time to your EMR or EHR by listening and observing your interactions with your patients.

Virtual Assistant

You Get to Focus

While our virtual scribes do your work for you, you get to spend more time with your patients, thus increasing productivity and satisfaction.

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