Our Mission

At MVS+™ , our mission is to reinvigorate the healthcare system by alleviating common pain points and making it more personalized. We deliver time-saving remote medical documentation services that allow clinicians to focus on their #1 job—quality patient care.

About Us

At MVS+™ , we believe that we play a critical role in transforming the healthcare industry. Medical documentation is a consistent pain point for facilities across the world, taking valuable time away from clinician-patient interaction. By providing highly trained medical scribes at affordable prices, we are able to allow clinicians to get back to what they do best—focusing on patients.

Our collaborative approach to healthcare is helping to rehumanize the industry while allowing healthcare facilities improve their productivity, save time, and increase both patient and job satisfaction.

Let’s work together to change the face of today’s healthcare landscape—one patient at a time.

From the Founder

My name is Behzad Ourmazdi, and I’m a medical doctor practicing neurology since 2002. I’ve always had a passion for the field and for my patients, and I love growing with them, helping them, and building a dynamic practice. Over the years, my practice has evolved.As a clinician, I have rolled with the many ups and downs and changes in healthcare, but the one thing that negatively impacted me the most in this field is the rigorous, time consuming EHR requirements.

I’ve coped with burn out, fatigue, and a lack of passion and connection with my patients over this requirement, which has taken a toll on my overall mental and physical health and well-being. As a result, I’ve been seeking ways to continue practicing in a less stressful, time cooker pressure environment.

Having a virtual assistant changed my on-the-job perceptions. It has brought back my sense of joy in seeing patients. I’m able to work with them more directly and more efficiently. Additionally, I now have the time I used to crave and back to tend to other important parts of my life like family, hobbies and self-care.It is this renewed sense of getting my life back–all the while continuing to do what I love to do, practicing medicine and neurology–which has brought me to open MVS+™. I hope you try it for yourself, risk free, and see how it can improve your life, too.

Behzad Ourmazdi,M.D.


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