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Hiring online scribes and virtual assistants has become common among physicians and business owners. The reason for this is that it allows healthcare practices to save time and enhance workflow, which gives doctors the ability to focus their time and efforts on their patients instead of being burdened by documentation. Recording information on an EMR or EHR system can be stressful and time-consuming, often leading to burnout among physicians. Read more about how scribes can help your practice in the blogs below:


Benefits of Remote Patient Monitoring

We all agree on the fact that technology had been getting advanced rapidly. It is bringing new innovations to ease out the processes and systems of different industries. Even the emergence of Big Data is allowing all these systems and ...
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Doctor using digital tablet

Scribing Tips and Tricks for Effective Medical Scribing

Do you want to gain real-world experience and learn tips for medical scribing by working with medical professionals? A medical scribe acts as the backbone of medical administration as they assist physicians in their jobs by tracking and recording the ...
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Difference Between Virtual Medical Scribes and On-Site Medical Scribes

The medical field has evolved greatly. From online medical help to virtual doctors who help provide the best of medical care. The evolution in healthcare has helped thousands of people who for some reason or the other could not come ...
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What Makes a Good Medical Scribe?

Virtual medical scribes are professionals with intensive training in medical information management. What Makes a Good Medical Scribe? They help offload the responsibilities of a doctor like recording and document medical information. As much as virtual medical scribes help doctors ...
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Virtual Administrative Assistant and Its Role In A Business

The role of a Virtual Administrative Assistant is beneficial for a business. Would you believe some say handling a business is similar to....
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Streamline Your Work

Fortunately, virtual scribes can be hired at reasonable rates through My Virtual Scribe (MVS). These skillful online employees handle electronic documentation requirements so you can regain a sense of job satisfaction. Online scribes listen in to the patient-physician consultation from a remote location, which allows the doctor and patient to be alone. As a result, there is a better sense of privacy, often resulting in better patient outcomes.

Focus on What Matters

Scribes can help you re-establish a healthy work-life balance so you can get back to spending more time with your family and focus on important aspects like self-care. The staff at MVS are HIPAA trained and registered with the Philippine National Public Key Infrastructure (PNPKI). They are carefully screened and background checked, ensuring a high level of proficiency in the medical field they work in.

Partner with MVS

At MVS, you can also hire virtual office assistants, including receptionists, administrative staff, and online assistants who specialize in sales or marketing. Our virtual staff can also be specifically trained to fill the role of a customized office function in your healthcare practice. Reach out to speak with one of our expert team members and see how our services can improve the performance of your healthcare practice.