Virtual Office Assistant

Woman talking with a virtual office assistant

A virtual office administrator is a remote employee who provides administrative services for your business. In any business, office duties can feel like a burden and cause stress among business owners and in-house employees. Although these responsibilities are important, hiring an online professional to handle these duties can help relieve pressure so you can focus on the main functions of your business.

An online administrator can offer a high level of customer care while carrying out the following operational tasks:

  • Taking incoming calls, whether through email, messages, or phone
  • Managing the calendar by arranging meetings and appointments
  • Preparing letters, documents, and presentations
  • Making travel arrangements for employees, managers, and directors

If you have an office task that needs to be managed, your virtual office assistant will be able to assist. At My Virtual Scribe (MVS), we can train our office administrators to perform custom-specific office functions. You can outsource your office workload and enhance the efficiency of your business.

Benefits of an Online Office Assistant

An online office assistant can increase productivity in your business and reduce costs. Because they are employed from a remote location, you can save operating expenses such as office and equipment costs. In addition, a virtual office assistant can work after normal business hours, improving operational efficiency. The following additional benefits can be gained from hiring a virtual office administrator: 

  • Online assistants can be hired for specialized functions 
  • Scalability – you can hire more assistants as your business grows
  • Online office assistants can be hired according to your requirements
  • Enjoy a better work-life balance by transferring time-consuming tasks 

Hire a Specifically-Trained Office Assistant

At MVS, our remote office administrators are required to be government-certified. Our staff members can be trained to commit their time and efforts to the specific requirements of your business. Contact us for further information and discover how our virtual office assistants can improve the productivity of your office.

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