Virtual Dental Assistant

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A virtual dental scribe is someone who specializes in recording patient information from a remote location during a dental consultation or procedure. They help dental professionals achieve significant time savings as they are able to provide real-time documentation, allowing clinicians to have more time to focus on customer care. In addition to recording patient data, assistants also have other versatile responsibilities such as handling document uploads, answering phone calls, scheduling appointments, verifying insurance, and billing tasks.

The hiring process at My Virtual Scribe (MVS) is simple and straightforward. The first step is to contact MVS by phone, email, or use the contact form on the website. Next, choose your virtual dental assistant after reviewing the online profiles that we send to you. We’ll arrange an interview so that you can find an assistant that is well-suited to your needs. Once you’ve chosen your assistant, you can allow them to have access to your EMR or any other programs they might need. Thereafter, your assistant will be able to work with you as if they were in your office.

The Benefits of Having an Assistant

An assistant can help you complete admin work and note-taking, which allows you to focus on delivering quality patient care. Furthermore, hiring a virtual dental assistant can enhance accuracy, efficiency, and productivity in your healthcare practice. Virtual assistants (VAs) handle various administrative tasks such as scheduling appointments, patient data management, and invoicing processes. Other benefits of having a dental scribe include:

  • A cost-effective solution: MVS provides an alternative option to in-house employees by enabling you to hire VAs that are about one-third the cost.
  • On-demand expertise: Our team of VAs have well-established skills in the dental and medical industries. From recording real-time information on your electronic medical records (EMRs) to handling billing and insurance processes, our VAs are able to provide custom solutions for your business. 
  • Adapt to business growth: You can hire more virtual dental assistants as your business grows, ensuring you’re always prepared for increased workloads.

Hire a Virtual Assistant for Dentistry

Our assistants are trained on HIPAA so you can be sure of a high level of patient confidentiality and security. Using remote access software, our VAs can securely access your IT systems from across the globe. There are no long-term obligations so try us free for one week and discover the benefits of MVS.

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