Healthcare Virtual Assistant

Scribe speaking with the doctor

A medical virtual assistant (VA) is a remote work specialist who handles various functions in a healthcare practice. Qualified VAs can help considerably reduce your practice’s workload so your in-house staff can focus on important aspects such as testing and important patient requirements. 

The medical VAs at My Virtual Scribe (MVS) are all vetted and trusted by numerous healthcare practices worldwide. Although they are efficient in various tasks, some specific functions they specialize in include virtual medical receptionists, medical administrative assistants, medical billing, and remote patient monitoring.

HIPAA Trained and Certified Virtual Assistants

Our registered VAs are background-checked and trained in the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA). You can hire a healthcare virtual assistant who can take care of administration tasks while you and your in-house staff concentrate on more integral functions. Furthermore, our VAs are available with practically no overheads as they work remotely so there are no requirements for additional equipment, space, or other facilities. The following are examples of tasks our VAs are efficient at managing on a daily basis:

  • Tracking down outstanding insurance claims
  • Billing, claims, and collections
  • Managing and scheduling appointments
  • Remote patient monitoring
  • Recording information and accurately entering it into your software or system

Our VAs are assigned specific jobs, depending on how the training procedure scores them on different tasks. For example, a healthcare virtual assistant who is proficient and experienced in billing may be recommended if you need assistance in accounts payable or accounts receivable. Also, some VAs are skilled in managing electronic medical records (EMR) so they can be hired to document patient interactions. In addition, you can hire a VA and also utilize their service for specific customized office functions.

Hire a Virtual Assistant Today

Nowadays, an increasing number of physicians are hiring assistants like virtual medical receptionists because they help improve productivity. Once you’ve reviewed online profiles, simply choose a VA that best suits the requirements. A well-suited healthcare virtual assistant can save you 19 minutes in documentation work per patient each day. There are no start-up or hidden costs so schedule a consultation today and benefit from our trained and certified assistants. 

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