Hire a Virtual Assistant (VA): How it Works

In recent years, a growing number of physicians have become interested in knowing what a virtual scribe is and how they can improve the overall performance of their practices. Virtual medical scribes are skilled remote specialists who are trained to listen to patient-physician consultations and accurately record information such as diagnoses, medical history, and prescribed treatments. 

Physicians can utilize our services at My Virtual Scribe (MVS) and hire skilled virtual medical scribes to save costs and improve productivity. Our scribes can also assist with various virtual tasks such as reception work, sales, scheduling appointments, billing, and tracing insurance claims. When you hire a VA, they connect to your IT systems with their own PC and a secure internet connection, saving you costs that would normally be required by an onsite employee.

A Streamlined Workflow

Having your virtual scribe assist is extremely easy and saves you from hours of notetaking and data entry. The process looks something like this:

  • Use a tablet, laptop, or phone to start a video session with your VA.
  • Introduce your VA to your patient and ask if it’s ok if they listen and take notes.
  • Speak with your patient and give them your full attention while your VA writes.
  • Review the notes with your VA and sign off!

The Hiring Process

Getting started with finding a suitable VA for your practice is a straightforward process. Simply contact us by phone, send an email, or use the virtual assistant register on our website to submit the contact form. We usually respond within a few hours, although occasionally it may take up to 24 hours. Thereafter, simply tell us your staffing requirements and we’ll forward 3-5 video CVs of assistants who are most qualified for the role you are looking to fill.

What Is the Best Way to Connect a Virtual Scribe?

When you hire a VA, our service at MVS connects virtual medical scribes and assistants remotely through safe and secure online platforms. All you need is a laptop or tablet while you’re consulting with your patient and the scribe will be able to see and hear what is happening. Our scribes can achieve real-time documentation and record physician-patient interactions directly into your EMR or EHR, allowing you to concentrate your efforts on your patient.

Complete Security with MVS

Our medical VAs and scribes are HIPAA certified and required to register their computer with the Philippine National Public Key Infrastructure (PNPKI). They are also background checked so you can hire a VA and have peace of mind that your assistant has complied with data protection regulations and industry protocols. You can register free of charge today and try us for one week to gain a better understanding of the safety and efficiency of our service.