How to Become a Virtual Medical Scribe

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Medical scribes have certainly paved the way for the health industry to improve. As a result of technological advancements, their services are now available online to fit the ever-changing needs of medical practices.

Also known as virtual scribes, online medical scribes offer invaluable support to doctors by managing real-time documentation related to electronic medical records (EMR). This allows physicians to spend more time with their patients, resulting in better treatment outcomes.

A medical scribe is trained to work alongside doctors and nurses to reduce the burden of documentation, improve workflow, and ultimately increase the delivery of patient care. If you’re looking for an online scribe job, you may wonder how it is possible to become a medical scribe. Keep reading to explore the role of a virtual scribe and how you can gain the necessary skills and qualifications to establish a position in this rewarding career.

A Virtual Medical Scribe Has a Lot of Potential Responsibilities

A virtual scribe specializes in taking patient information in the presence of a physician as the clinical interaction happens. The information recorded might also be during medical examinations, occurring in real time. The following are some of the main responsibilities of a medical scribe:

  • A virtual medical scribe has the same responsibilities as a scribe. This is to record information such as patient medical history, physician-patient interactions, and create initial reports based on instructions given by the physician. If you already know how to become a medical scribe, you’ll know the tasks of a virtual medical scribe are very similar. The main difference is that he or she accompanies a physician virtually from a remote location when the patients come in for office visits. Online medical scribes take notes and ensure that the encounter is adequately documented.

  • The virtual medical scribe handles all electronic medical records (EMR). Known also as electronic health records (EHR), as well as clinical notes outside clinic time, the handling of these records allows physicians to spend more time focusing on patient care.

  • Virtual medical scribes can be assigned to different medical fields such as optometry, oncology, dentistry, and dermatology. Once an individual knows how to become proficient as a medical scribe, they can work online while focusing on a clinical setting, an emergency room, or on their own recording clinical documentation.

Qualifications for Virtual Scribes

Although many virtual scribe jobs available online are entry-level positions, there are various qualifications that medical practitioners prefer applicants to have. The following are the main qualifications that will give you an advantage when applying for online scribe jobs:

  • Many employers require online scribes to have graduated from high school or hold a general education diploma (GED).
  • A comprehensive understanding of medical terminology and procedures is integral to being proficient in this role.
  • Typing skills are essential if you’re looking to find out how to become a medical scribe. Although online medical scribes are usually required to have a typing speed of 40 to 70 words per minute, this can vary according to the specific requirements of an employer.
  • Due to patient confidentiality requirements, you also need to be trained in HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996) regulations.

You can gain relevant knowledge through online resources, company-sponsored training, or by completing a medical scribe certification through the American College of Medical Scribe Specialists.

At My Virtual Scribe (MVS), applicants are required to complete a digital certificate by the Department of Information and Communication Technology (DICT). In addition, you need to register your computer with the Philippine National Public Key Infrastructure (PNPKI). The team at MVS can show you how to become an efficient medical scribe when you’re hired by a physician.

The Difference Between Being a Scribe and Transcribing

There is a distinction between being a scribe and transcribing:

  • A transcriber will listen to the doctor-patient interaction in real time or sometimes a recording, and type it up as it occurs word for word.

  • In comparison, a scribe interprets the conversation and creates a document with all the important information in a flowing manner.

  • Online medical scribes must also create a reference letter to other doctors. Scribing has given many opportunities for those who are looking for stable, long-term employment. Anybody can learn how to become a medical scribe and be successful in their career.

In today’s day and age, most doctors and hospitals use EMR for their record keeping. But this information still takes much effort to be entered into the system which is why online scribe jobs have become abundant. If the doctor is the one filling out the electronic medical records, it is almost always in front of the patient. As a result, a patient may perceive the doctor to be inattentive towards them as they are talking and describing their symptoms.

Giving time to process the EMR would mean making the next patient wait. This means that physicians will eventually see fewer patients as doctors spend too much time entering data, resulting in decreased patient satisfaction. Here is where learning how to become a medical scribe is worthwhile as your services are extremely useful for healthcare practitioners.

Train Yourself to Be a Virtual Medical Scribe or Hire One Now!

Are you looking to be trained to become a virtual scribe? Or looking to hire one? MVS is a source for experienced virtual medical scribes. Online medical scribes have certainly become increasingly popular in recent times and there are a growing number of medical scribes available for different medical fields.

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