How to Become a Virtual Medical Scribe

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Medical scribe certainly paved the way for the health industry to improve. And technological advancement changes their services to fit the customers’ ever-changing needs. This is certainly true in the medical field. One of the advancements that technology brought is the services of virtual medical scribes.

A medical scribe is a trained professional. Who specializes in taking information of the patient in the presence of the physician as the clinical interaction happens. The information taken might also be during medical examinations, occuring in real-time.

A Virtual Medical Scribe Has a Lot of Potential Responsibilities

  • A virtual medical scribe has the same responsibilities as a scribe, but only appears remotely and online. He or she “accompanies” a physician virtually when the patients come in for office visits. They take notes and make sure that the encounter is adequately documented.
  • The virtual medical scribe handles all electronic medical records (EMR). Known also as electronic health records (EHR), as well as clinical notes outside clinic time, allowing physicians to focus on patient care.
  • Virtual medical scribes can be assigned in different areas of the medical field. They can work in a clinic setting, in the emergency room, or on their own.

The Difference Between Being a Scribe and Transcribing

There is a distinction between being a scribe and transcribing:

  • A transcriber will listen to the doctor-patient interaction. Sometimes a recording, and type it up as it occurs word for word;
  • But the scribe interprets the conversation and creates a document with all the important information in a flowing manner.
  • A scribe must also create a reference letter to other doctors. Scribing has given many opportunities for those who are looking for stable, long-term employment. Anybody can be trained to be a virtual medical scribe.

In today’s day and age, most doctors and hospitals certainly will use EMR for their record keeping. But this information still takes much effort to be entered into the system. If the doctor is the one filling out the electronic medical records, it is almost always in front of the patient. This might easily be perceived that the doctor is not totally paying attention to the patient as they are talking and describing their symptoms.

Giving time to process the EMR would mean making the next patient wait. This means that the physicians will eventually see fewer patients; doctors are spending too much time entering data and patient-satisfaction has decreased. Here is where the services of the virtual medical scribes come in.

Train Yourself to Become a Virtual Medical Scribe or Hire One Now!

Are you looking to be trained to become a virtual medical scribe? Or looking to hire one? MyVirtualScribe (MVS) is a source for experienced virtual medical scribes. Virtual medical scribes have certainly become more and more popular. There are a growing number of medical scribes available for different medical fields.


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