Making Use of Virtual Medical Scribes

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The use of virtual medical scribes to ease the burden of doctors treating patients effectively is the name of the game. In recent years, there has been a massive pileup of workload for doctors related to the documentation of patient information.

One major hurdle for doctors and health care providers is the required clerical work involved in recording and retrieving patient data. Making use of a virtual medical scribe in your practice will certainly eliminate these obstacles. Allowing your practice to flow more smoothly and effectively. 

Specialties of My Virtual Scribes 

Virtual medical scribes work alongside doctors, as would personal assistants. Bear in mind that the primary role of a virtual medical scribe is to handle the documentation side of patient visits.


The following are what virtual medical scribes can do:

  • Using EHR to retrieve a patient’s notes, as well as relevant test results, to provide essential background information to physicians.
  • Coding progress notes, prescription information and medical action plans.
  • Charting the patient’s visits and putting all relevant information on digital records.
  • Creation of referral letters when they are required.
  • Taking on additional roles important to the practice of the doctor, as needed. 

Traditionally, medical scribes have been in-house assistants who provide a physical presence in the doctor’s exam room. And it’s proved to be a tremendous help for both doctors and patients. Due to the enhanced care doctors can provide by giving exclusive attention to the patient and not a computer screen. However, the concept of a medical scribe is still a relatively recent one, so there’s certainly room for improvement.

Going Virtual is the New Level

Technology makes things work better, and it certainly does! Using an iPad (or any computer) and an HIPAA-compliant video conferencing software, My Virtual Scribe (MVS) can provide virtual medical assistance from our pool of well-trained virtual assistants based in the Philippines. Using virtual medical scribes is the next step towards innovation in the healthcare industry. With its own lineup of unique benefits, they will surely be the difference between good health care and great health care.

The Benefits of a Virtual Scribe

Cost: It is a cost-effective solution for many tasks that involve in the administering of health care. In the modern age, there are probably millions of tasks that are outsourced around the world. This is due to the global workforce providing affordable alternatives. These services can also mean lower overhead compared to in-person scribes. Personal scribes (physically present in the room) take up space, equipment, amenities that add to monthly costs. This is why many more doctors turn to virtual medical scribes. Why? To take advantage of the financial benefits that hiring one can bring.

Saving Time: Scribes can also lessen the administrative load on doctors. Keeping EHR, or electronic health records has revolutionized the transfer of data for health care professionals. Also, this is one part of work that most doctors have struggled to keep up with. Tasks, like pulling up patient records, being acquainted with history, and updating clinic notes, can take up to 7 minutes per patient.

If a doctor is seeing around 25 patients per day, the health care professional will be looking at about 2.5 hours of clerical work. Scribes can lighten this load. Leading to saved money for the practice. Allowing for the potential of increased wages and bonuses for staff, which can boost workplace morale as well as the level of customer service.

Getting the services of virtual medical scribes can mean the different between good health care and great health care. All in all, virtual medical scribes offer unique benefits and success to your practice. And the quality of service through using the advantages of this new technology


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