Virtual Oncology Scribes

An oncology scribe working at her laptop

Oncology specialists diagnose and treat various forms of cancer. Treatment may consist of radiotherapy, surgery, and chemotherapy, which involves the use of certain medications. Nowadays, there are new regulations that have transformed the way medicine is practiced and one of the difficult tasks doctors face is maintaining electronic medical records, or EMR. 

Data entry requirements associated with EMR have been shown to cause physicians to spend a considerable amount of time on maintaining them for every patient. Although EMRs improve various aspects of patient care, they also tend to cause physician burnout and reduced job satisfaction. Fortunately, oncology scribes are available to help reduce the workload of clinical documentation so that doctors can spend more time with their patients. Fundamentally, an oncologist virtual assistant can handle menial, time-consuming tasks so that physicians can focus on what’s important: safe and effective diagnosis and treatment of patients.

The Benefits of Hiring a Scribe

In the competitive healthcare environment, utilizing resources efficiently has become a determining factor in establishing the success of any medical practice. My Virtual Scribe (MVS) can help utilize your resources in the following ways.

  • Affordable solutions: A virtual oncology scribe is cost-effective to hire, especially compared to in-house workers. By choosing MVS, you have access to top-tier scribes at $10 an hour, allowing you to keep within your budget.
  • Improves relationships between patients and doctors: Oftentimes, a patient may feel anxious if there is someone else in the examination room such as an in-person scribe. A virtual scribe, on the other hand, is generally less intrusive which can help relax a patient and improve the relationship between patients and doctors.
  • Choose the same scribe: Once you’ve reviewed our database of trained and vetted scribes, you can choose a well-suited oncology scribe for your practice. Thereafter, you can work with the same person every day, much like an employee who is physically located at your office.

Hire an Oncologist Virtual Assistant at MVS

The scribes at MVS are HIPAA compliant and bound by the Data Privacy Act of 2012 in the Philippines  Furthermore, each online scribe is required to obtain clearance by the Philippine National Bureau of Investigation so patient privacy and security is prioritized. We also utilize secure communication channels for your safety. Call us for more information if you’re looking to enhance EMR documentation workflow in your practice.

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