Medical Scribes are Cost-Effective

At My Virtual Scribe (MVS), our online scribes and assistants are not only affordable, they’re cost-effective as they save time, reduce burnout, improve documentation, and increase overall physician and patient satisfaction. The virtual scribe costs for our scribes is a flat rate of $10 per hour and there are no contract or setup fees, allowing you to avoid any long-term commitments. 

When you hire staff at MVS, you can save on expenses like computers, internet costs, office space, and various other resources that are usually required by in-house staff. In addition, you can choose from our pool of highly trained staff and work with the same virtual assistant on a daily basis to build a positive working relationship and long-term consistency.

Save on Medical Scribe Costs

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MVS was formed by a doctor for doctors and healthcare professionals. We therefore understand the need for affordable and effective electronic medical records (EMR documentation) and virtual assistant solutions. In addition to our affordable hourly rate, our remote medical assistants can save you time and money in various other parts of your business, particularly in comparison to in-person scribes.

  • No training or hiring costs: It’s usually expensive and time-consuming to hire and train in-house scribes. We manage the administration and training of staff, allowing you to save money on hiring, payroll, and training.
  • Reduced workload: Without the time-consuming documentation burden of EMR requirements, you can focus on patient care. As a result, the medical scribe cost you initially spend ultimately improves patient care and profitability in your practice.   
  • Trained scribes reduce errors: The virtual scribe cost is worthwhile because our scribes are thoroughly tested, vetted, and trained, meaning a high level of proficiency and fewer errors.

Free Trial Service

To show how your business or practice can benefit from our service, we offer the first 40 hours of scribe or virtual assistance free of charge. If you’re satisfied with our service, our standard hourly fees apply. Try us free for one week and see the benefits of our online staff and the affordability of our medical scribe costs.

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