Remote Receptionist

Remote receptionist in front of a computer

At My Virtual Scribe (MVS), you can find virtual secretary services at cost-effective rates. Our staff can perform receptionist tasks such as handling calls and taking messages like traditionally hired staff, except they are working remotely. This helps significantly reduce your operational costs while enhancing your business operations and customer satisfaction. Our proficient receptionists can ease the burden and pressure of client calls, so you can focus your efforts on growing your business and optimizing customer service.

The Benefits of a Remote Assistant

You can hire a virtual receptionist to streamline your front desk operations, allowing your in-house employees to concentrate their efforts on your main business functions. Our remote receptionists have been trained to meet the requirements of businesses and healthcare practices such as dental, optometry, and dermatology practices. 

Hiring a receptionist based at your office can be expensive and training can be a time-consuming process. In contrast, our online assistants are pre-trained with a working knowledge of medical specialties. There are several other benefits associated with hiring an online receptionist through MVS:

  • Receptionists are available outside business hours: This allows you to make the most of flexibility and secure more sales with customer calls that are made after business hours. 
  • Improve customer satisfaction: Daily administrative tasks can become a burden, particularly for trained physicians who could be spending more time with patients. A remote receptionist employed through our virtual secretary services can handle daily administrative tasks so you can manage your business or healthcare practice.
  • Qualified staff don’t have to be based in your geographical location: Our remote assistants can handle receptionist tasks for businesses based in various locations. 
  • Cost savings: Receptionists employed on a remote basis are more affordable than in-house staff as you don’t need to provide resources such as equipment and office space.

Unrivaled Remote Support 

The staff at MVS are required to be government-certified, ensuring that they are proficient in various virtual tasks. With modern advancements in technology, you can now easily employ a remote receptionist to enhance your business operations. Schedule a consultation today and discover how our remote support staff can enhance your front desk.

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