Settling the Debate in Hiring Scribes

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Many physicians opt to hiring scribes in hospitals around the United States to resolve struggles that are already plaguing hospitalists. The issues revolving around the use of electronic health record, or EHR, has always been cumbersome.

EHR is a relatively new addition to the medical practice, but the issue with it is job satisfaction. Working with EHR is not a walk in the park; there are templates, forms, and data that should be done correctly in order to make sense of the process.

There are different companies, and a number of softwares to use that offers hundreds of different features. This is where the scribes come in; not just to handle EHR in a thorough manner, but to alleviate the workload that processing EHRs require.

Modern Scribes Have Arrived in the form of Virtual Scribes

The advancement in technology has brought scribing to a whole new level. Scribes work as assistants to physicians and clinicians. They are mainly responsible for processing information into the electronic medical record in the presence of the medical professional. This is commonly done during patient visits.

Scribes traditionally would spend time face to face with patients, looming in the room while the doctor examines the patient; but with the advent of technology this has evolved for the better into using virtual medical scribes. With the cumbersome work related to EHR, most doctors would prefer the services of a medical scribe.

The American College of Medical Scribe Specialists presently represents more than 15,000 scribes. This number will surely continue to increase as the demand for them in the medical industry will continue to grow. Scribes working virtually and in-clinic may work just as effectively.

Hiring Scribes Saves Time and More Patient Interaction

My Virtual Scribe (MVS) is in the business of providing virtual medical scribe work to physicians for use in the inpatient setting. Using the services of medical scribes can save clinicians a little more than 10 minutes per chart, which can add up to about three hours of productivity on a daily basis based on an average of seeing 18 patients per day.

Hiring a scribe also means less physical toll on the medical professionals attending to the patient. The connection between happy clients better business, and well-being of clinicians are all intertwined.

The collective thought of the benefits in hiring scribes are that there is a high level of satisfaction amongst the physicians who have used a scribing service and at the same time, the patients are happy seeing more quality interaction with the doctors. This is what My Virtual Scribe aims to do.

A study done on hospitals in Illinois reveals that the use of scribes led to an increase in the hospital’s case mix index or CMI; this is a measure of the level of complexity of care related to reimbursements that the hospital receives.

It is very encouraging and interesting to see the correlation between client/patient satisfaction and revenue which makes hiring the services of a scribe make sense on both sides of the fence.

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