Our Virtual Assistants

With a plan from My Virtual Scribe (MVS), there are options to either enhance healthcare practices for physicians with a remote scribe, improve operations for business owners with an online personal assistant, or a combination of both. In terms of healthcare practices, a virtual assistant who works remotely is able to handle administration such as appointment scheduling, accurate data entry, and document management. In addition to virtual scribe services, our assistants perform the following duties:

  • Manage phone calls and messages
  • Offer services to customers and clients 
  • Organize travel arrangements for employees
  • Conduct research and provide information

Online assistants have the potential to enhance the performance of healthcare practices considerably. Our proficient team of professionals offers leading knowledge and skills in sales, marketing, administration, reception, and customized specific office functions.

Woman smiling with a headset


Our Virtual Receptionists can connect to your phone system and can make/receive calls as if they were physically present in your office. They are also able to schedule and confirm appointments as well as take on other administrative tasks that in-person receptionists would be responsible for.

Woman using a computer and pointing with a pen.

Online Administrative Assistance

Administrative functions such as planning, organizing, handling transactions, managing social media, and more can be handled by an online personal assistant instead of an employee in your office. Our trained assistants can handle specific tasks for your business as our staff members can access your business requirements remotely.

man using a computer with a headset.

Online Sales Assistants

Our sales employees are experts at making sales calls and follow-ups to help ensure the success of sales efforts. At MVS, our staff members make sales calls, develop leads, and ensure follow-ups to gauge market trends and enhance growth in the market.

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Virtual Marketing Assistants

Our marketing assistants have the knowledge and skills to successfully market your business in several ways including online advertisements, email marketing campaigns, social media, and content creation. Our qualified staff can also assist with general administrative tasks and functions.

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Custom Office Functions

Delegate most of your standard, day-to-day office and admin tasks to one of our trusted virtual office assistants. They are 100% capable of handling everything from scheduling meetings, making travel arrangements, and preparing documents and presentations. Streamline your office operations with a VA from My Virtual Scribes today.

Reliable and Screened Online Staff

At MVS, you can pay a flat rate of $10 per hour for skilled staff including remote scribes and those who fulfill customized, specific office functions. Our staff are government certified and background checked. Try us free for one week and discover how our online personal assistants can help your business succeed. Contact us for further information and give your business a competitive advantage.