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Our Virtual Receptionists can connect to your phone system and are able to make/receive calls as if they were physically present in your office. They can schedule customers & confirm appointments among other required phone tasks.


Administrative Assistants

Our Virtual Admin Assistants can help with any administrative, front and back office tasks. This can include data entry, research and writing, planning, organizing, managing emails or social media, handling transactions or specific tasks unique to your type of business and more. Instead of having a worker physically present in the office, they will be able to connect and access your business needs, virtually.


Sales Assistants

If your business sells goods or services, our virtual sales assistants can help by making sales calls. They can develop leads, make follow-up calls and manage sales calls and help gage the market for your business sales.

$8-14 /Hr No Obligations!


Marketing Assistant

Our marketing assistants can effectively market for your business in numerous ways; some examples may include maintaining business related social media, developing and managing online ads, creating content for the office, using email marketing campaigns, and working as live chat operators, including more.


Customize Specific Office Functions

Our virtual assistants can be trained to dedicate their time and efforts to the specific needs of your work and industry. The skies the limit with the functionality of a virtual aide. The concept of outsourcing your needs will enhance your business’ efficiency and ease the workload. Try it risk free today with no obligation.


Why MVS+™.us? Each candidate is screened for security, reliability and scanned for their skills and expertise.  You pay them per hour, minimum, 20 hrs per week is indicated. At a flat rate, depending on their expertise between $7 to $10 per hour (USD).  No long term contracts. We search for your virtual assistance until we find the one that matches yours job.  

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