Virtual Medical Assistant: 2 Powerful Reasons Why They Can Help Your Medical Practice

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How can Virtual Medical Assistant benefit your practice? We cannot deny that technology is advancing rapidly. The important thing is to use it properly and advantageously. The ability to effectively use Virtual Medical Assistants is one of the most useful and fruitful outcomes of advanced technology. In this article we will point out the benefits of having a Virtual Medical Assistant.

Virtual Medical Assistant Can Save Your Valuable time

Having a virtual medical assistant can save you valuable time in different ways. Below are its amazing benefits:

  • More Time for Patients: Whether you are a doctor or any health practitioner, treating patients is not the only task that you regularly do. The many other tasks associated with your job are inundating with the requirements of EHR (electronic health records) and data entry. As a result, your ability to fully dedicate full attention to the patient is cut down. Having a virtual assistant can mitigate the workload and therefore, you will have more time for patients.
  • Diagnose the Patient More Effectively: It is a fact that patients share information regarding their health in fragments. Therefore, a doctor invests most of his time gathering important information such as the history of the patient, report of the previous evaluation and many more tasks leading up to treatment. Consequently, the process of assessment and diagnosis continues for a long period of time and the actual treatment is intervened.
  • If you hire a one, he/she will do all the important tasks except treatment on your behalf.  This frees you up to actually spend all your time treating your patient and putting all your attention of the most important aspect of the visit.  The VA will collect important information from the patient and record it for you so you can invest more time to diagnose the patient more effectively.

VMA Can Save Your Money

Fortunately, hiring a virtual medical assistant is not as expensive as it sounds. You will be surprise to know that it can save your money in several ways. Go through the following points to know more about it:

  • Pay Only Per Use of Services: Hiring a virtual personal assistant is completely different from hiring a full-time employee. If you hire an employee, it does not matter how much time that person is working productively; you have to pay a fixed salary every month. On  the other hand, the payment system is quite simple. It relies on the number of hours you are using the services of the VA. Simple. There will be no extra fees or hidden costs to pay.
  • No Requirement for Office Setup: When you hire an employee, you need a good setup. Devices such as computers, telephones are a must. It can make your office attractive but, in actuality this can be really expensive. This problem will go away if you hire a Virtual Medical Assistant. They have all the equipment, and moreover, he/she works remotely. Therefore, you don’t have to invest in setting up your office.

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