Virtual Medical Assistant Specialties

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At My Virtual Scribe (MVS), we specialize in providing virtual assistants (VAs) and EMR scribes to help you save time, enhance productivity, and increase job satisfaction. Physicians often recruit extra onsite staff which tends to be costly. However, our MVS virtual assistants are affordable and there are no start-up costs. Assistants in jobs like dermatology, dentistry, and veterinary practices can be hired remotely at affordable prices. The following list contains some of the specialties our staff has to offer:

Optometrists: Our optometrist VAs are fully trained and able to perform tasks like vision and screening tests, measurements for glasses and contact lenses, and provide general assistance to optometrists.
Virtual medical assistants: Private practices often hire healthcare assistants on a remote basis to improve business workflow, helping you save time and money. From tracing outstanding insurance claims to billing and collections, remote healthcare assistants provide an effective support function at significantly lower costs than in-house medical assistants.
Dentists: Available with practically no overheads, dental virtual assistants can significantly reduce your workload so you can focus on income generation due to important appointments and procedures.
Veterinarians: The recent additions to statutes and procedures have applied additional stress to vets across the country. Furthermore, staff shortages have continued to have a negative effect on the industry so many veterinary practices are hiring VAs.

Our virtual medical assistant staff also includes electronic medical record (EMR) scribes. Although EHR/EMRs offer patient care integration, they also tend to reduce job satisfaction among physicians. Scribes from MVS help streamline medical documentation so you can spend more time with your patients, increasing the chance of successful treatment outcomes.

Discover the Benefits of MVS

By eliminating the need for administrative tasks and EMR documentation, our VAs enable you to save time on paperwork and office-related tasks. We have trained virtual staff who have the necessary skills, experience, and training to increase productivity in your medical practice. In addition to virtual medical assistants, we also have receptionists, sales and marketing staff, administrative assistants, and specific office assistants for customized functions. Schedule a consultation today and discover the benefits of MVS.