Virtual Scribes: The Solution to Modern-day Medical Recording Problems

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Virtual medical scribes are a modern solution for improving countless medical recording problems. They are the answers to numerous demanding tasks put on the shoulder of physicians over the years.

There has certainly been an increase in hiring the services of virtual medical scribes. Even more now because there are physical limitations to carrying out the tasks related to medical scribing. American College of Medical Scribe Specialists estimates that by this year the number of medical scribes in the US will exceed 100,000. 

Presenting the Virtual Medical Scribes

Virtual medical scribes are often professionals in the healthcare field. Their job is to do the documentation and recording of the interaction of the physician and the patient during clinic visits. Medical scribes either work part-time or full time. There are courses and certifications design to meet HIPAA standards; companies such as My Virtual Scribe (MVS) provide the services with the highest level of competence and professionalism.

Scribes’ roles vary by the area they are exposed to, but their tasks gear towards keeping an efficient workflow. These tasks include transcribing medical information, laboratory and imaging studies, and preparation of discharge instructions. 

Benefits of Hiring Virtual Medical Scribes

The most important benefit of hiring medical scribes is increasing productivity. By spending less time doing documentation and secretarial tasks, physicians certainly can focus on providing patient care. One study proves that the services of scribes for physicians in hospitals connect to their improved productivity. This improvement in productivity means an increase in revenue and efficiency. With more time, physicians save in the ER. Above all, they have the capacity to increase the volume of patients they see in-clinic as well. 

The Reality

With the development of Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and the advent of speech recognition technology, virtual scribes are certainly gearing up for the wave of challenges in the field of healthcare. My Virtual Scribe is ready to provide the training and the services needed. Ensuring that medical records keep to the high standards of the industry.

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