What are the Tools Used for Remote Patients Monitoring?

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Remote monitoring of patients has made the jobs of medical professionals a lot easier. With so much workload that is planted on medical professionals, remote monitoring of patients takes one load of them and makes it easier for them to focus on treatment and helping out the patients to the best of their abilities.

In order to properly monitor remote patients, medical professionals need tools. Tools that will help them and make their work exponentially easier. That is why in this article you will be told about some top tools used to monitor remote patients.

1.   JotForm

This is one of the topmost used tools for remote patients monitoring. With this tool, the patients can report their symptoms and what they are feeling by themselves by using the technique of self-reporting. By filling in the forms provided on this tool, they can make the job of the medical professional easier by explaining their symptoms in their own words.

This tool is approved by HIPPA and follows the guidelines of the HIPPA regulations to make sure that the patient’s information is kept secure and confidential and only the concerned doctor can see them.

2.   Senseonics

This tool is amazing and can be extremely beneficial to patients suffering from diabetes or low blood sugar level. What it does is that there is a small transmitter that is implanted under the skin of the patient. This transmitter, that is removable at any time, conducts data and helps let the patient know when their blood sugar level is too high or is too low.

This is done by the data being connected to an app on the phone of the patient. The information provided on the phone can help the patient, their family members and even doctors keep a track of their health and glucose level.

3.   Medtronic

This tool is an overall health information provider tool. The patient can add their own symptoms along with any changes in their health conditions. This information is directly fed into the Medtronic system and the appropriate health care professional can see it and help the patient.

The doctor is made aware if there is a health drop or any changes in the health conditions of the patient. Information like the patient’s vital signs, sugar level, weight and other basic information is updated on the mobile app.

4.   Resideo LifeStream

This is another tool that focuses on the overall health of the patient. In this tool, there are software’s that are available at the place where the remote patient is. Information is collected through the Resideo product and then updated on the LifeStream so that the right medical professional can see it and get updated on their patients’ health.

Not only does Resideo LifeStream, help the doctor stay on top of the patient’s health care routine but also helps educate the patient on how they can take care of their own self.

These are the top tools that medical professionals use to help remote patient monitoring effective and make it better.

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