What is a Virtual Medical Scribe?  

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The advancement of technology has changed the way we do things and behave in our daily lives. This is because technological dynamics have affected all spheres of life, and as a result, quality of life has improved. The introduction of virtual medical scribes is one of the many ways technology has changed the medical care industry. Today, medical care centers and hospitals do not have to spend so much money on hiring people to keep records and provide the physician with the same. Instead, we now have virtual medical scribes who take notes and document them on behalf of the physician during medical examinations. But before we even start looking at how they benefit the physicians, let us first ask ourselves this question—


  • What is a medical virtual scribe?


Virtual medical scribes are professionals who take and document notes on behalf of the physician during a medical examination. The scribe is usually present during the examination, but virtually; through a video link. She/he also locates patients and their medical records on behalf of the physician. They are usually individuals with medical health information management training which means they are highly qualified for this job. They also have intensive training in the use of health information technology. You can find virtual medical scribes in clinics in which case they are referred to as clinical scribe, or even at the emergency department, in which case you will hear them being referred to as ED scribes. 


  • Their duties and responsibilities: 


Virtual medical scribes are tasked with charting and documenting examination notes on behalf of the doctor. They are also expected to locate the information they documented on certain patients, when doctors need them. And because the main aim of virtual medical scribes is to relieve the physician of any other engagements during a medical examination, they can respond to texts and calls on behalf of the physician. They also conduct medical research on areas required by the doctor. This way, the doctor has enough time to focus their main task on providing actual healthcare to the patient with no distractions.


  • Difference between virtual medical scribes and transcriptionists:


Both virtual medical scribes and transcriptionists are virtually present during a medical examination but their difference comes in the way they operate. Virtual medical scribes take notes and charts and document them on behalf of the doctor. Transcriptionists, on the other hand, take dictations of certain information from the doctor often word for word. 


  • Do physicians need medical virtual scribes? 


Yes, doctors do need medical virtual scribes for several reasons. Conducting medical examinations and charting and taking notes can sometimes be very exhausting and time consuming for physicians. As a result, the doctors are always fatigued and cannot deliver quality healthcare services as expected. But with the help or a virtual medical scribe charting the notes, charting and documenting everything, the doctor can direct his/her full attention to the patients. This translates to better quality of services, something that improves the reputation of the doctor/institution. At the same time, the doctors are less fatigued and less stressed, and this will equally translate to improved services and happier employees all around. 

This is what we at My Virtual Scribes (MVS) can guarantee your institution. We do this through our highly qualified team of virtual scribes. And the best thing about us, we do not impose any hidden charges whatsoever.

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