What is an Electronic Medical Records or EMR?

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Electronic medical records, or EMR, is a digital version of a physician’s information about the patient. Usually done in a paper chart, an EMR includes the medical history of the patient. As well as diagnoses, medications and laboratory results. EMR’s are comprehensive and accurate when it comes to the documentation of patient’s tests, immunization dates, allergies, and treatment.

Electronic Medical Records are more than just a Replacement

Electronic medical records are for effective communication. Also, coordination among the network of healthcare professionals in order to give the best patient care. This modern way to process information began in the 1960s. In this time, practitioners seek to improve the way medical records were being done.

Instead of just the diagnosis and treatment, the record-keeping covers the entire set of information for each patient. During the start of the computer era, there were numerous computer softwares that became useful to hospitals and doctors. Documentation became less challenging but not many were using it. The internet became an important tool for recording and transcribing medical records; together with that is the ability of scribes to provide real-time access.

The Advantages of EMR for Patients

  • Produce minimal errors in record-keeping.
  • Using EMRs results in a faster assessment from health care professionals.
  • It gives an overall improvement in terms of health care.
  • Quicker time in the clinic, resulting in physician and patient satisfaction.
  • Provides notifications and identify patients who are due for a follow-up visit.

About My Virtual Scribe

My Virtual Scribe (MVS) is a startup company that provides medical scribe and virtual assistant services for doctors and health care professionals. With MVS you get to be a part of a collaborative approach to healthcare that aims to help to humanize the industry, thereby helping to improve your practice. MVS can provide you with productivity, a service that can help you save time and increase yours and your patient’s satisfaction.

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