What Makes a Good Medical Scribe?

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Virtual medical scribes are professionals with intensive training in medical information management. What Makes a Good Medical Scribe? They help offload the responsibilities of a doctor like recording and document medical information. As much as virtual medical scribes help doctors in their patient care delivery, it is worth noting that not just anyone can deliver to your expectations.

In the discussion below are compilation of valuable traits you should look out for from virtual medical scribes.

1. Good Medical Scribe is Computer Savvy

Apart from an extensive training on medical health information, they are train to work with different computer programs. They should be able to navigate through any type of EHRs. They should also be highly efficient with typing skills. With that they can keep up with the doctor during a medical examination.

You do not want a virtual medical scribe omitting some important details during a medical examination. This would lead to misdiagnosis, something that could place your institution’s reputation in jeopardy.

2. Should Have a Positive Attitude

Healthcare is a very sensitive career because the doctor interacts with people from all walks of life. Some patients have mental issues while others are depressed. Others come in with all sorts of moods due to the pains and effects of their different illnesses. A virtual medical scribe needs to have a very positive attitude recording and documenting the information about the patients

This allows them to be patient and not interrupt the patient-doctor interaction during the examination.

3. A Good Medical Scribe Must be Hardworking and Dedicated

The Healthcare industry requires hard work and dedication because you can be called to tend to patients at any time of the day. It, therefore, means the virtual medical scribe should possess the same amount of dedication because they work hand in hand with the doctor.

A good virtual medical scribe should be efficient and available from the start to the end of the examination period no matter how long it takes. As a doctor, you do not want a scribe showing up late when you have already started an examination with a patient.

  • Familiarity with medical terminology: Although it is not a requirement for this job, virtual medical scribes should be familiar with most medical. Knowing some medical terminologies helps them in their documentation and also when locating the information. After all, you do not want a scribe interrupting to ask you what some terminologies mean.
  • A scribe who is not familiar with medical terminologies is deemed to make grievous mistakes that could cost patients’ lives and this is something you do not want happening in your institution.
  • Ability to comprehend medical information

Virtual medical scribes are liable for finishing ongoing documentation diagramming for suppliers during every patient visit. With patients and suppliers cooperating, the recorder must get on the data that is being partaken in an ideal way. Recorders gain the capacity to blend data into a compact story inside the EHR.

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